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Key Design Features

  • Access – Transfer Devices (Input Output devices) Selection criteria Application and OEL option available: Continuous linear port. Pass boxes with or without controlled air flow with interlocked doors. Rapid transfer ports etc
  • Air-Handling system & Gas system (Air management) Selection criteria: Materials used volumes, processed. Basic design of isolator, quality assurance required etc.                                This is a key design feature, a close interaction between user and RK ENGINEERING is required to arrive at just right air handling system and controls
  • Controls and Instrumentation
Selection criteria user requirement specification based on process control option available: various degree of control and instrumentations available from simple interlock to software controlled operation
Exhaust Treatment Selection Criteria User’s requirement specification based on application. Option available: Based on materials and volume exhaust, treatment could change from just filtration filtration, scrubbing and incineration if required
  • Sterilization / Decontamination
Selection criteria user requirement specification taking in account entire process.                         Option available: Hydrogen peroxide. Ethyl oxide, per acetic acid. Chlorine-dioxide are some of the agents widely used in each of these, a complete understanding of lethality of the agent, the generation system and validation are of greatest importance for successful sterilization and decontamination process
  • RK ENGINEERING possesses capability to design supply and validate tailor made isolation devices complying to above parameters. Key components like filters, blowers RTP, Gloves etc. imported from EU. Details provide on request

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