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V Blender

V Blender

Production Model:-

1. Capacity ranging from 0.5 Ltr to 100 Ltr’s and production model Upto 15000Ltr capacity.
2. Max Working Capacity – 70% of Gross Capacity
3. Min Working Capacity – 30% of Gross Capacity

Options Available:-

1. Castor Wheels for structure Base Grouting with Fasteners


1. Water Leakage tested
2. Easy loading & unloading
3. Special baffles to increase mixing shear
4. Material of construction SS 316L
5. Wide Capacity options available from 5-1200L, with custom made capacities upto 1500L
6. Intensifier bar for special applications available
7. Dust-free operations when combined with Bin charging systems
8. Best in Class Design according cGMP Standard
9. Basic HMI to 21 CFR compliance Compacts Design
10. Interchangeability bowl as per customer requirement.

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