Modular Sandwich Panels of Raymon Group

Modular Sandwich Panels of Raymon Group

Modular Sandwich Panels of Raymon Group

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With the industry's largest selection of modular cleanroom sandwich panel systems , Raymon Group can meet the requirements of almost any application in a fast and cost-effective manner

20 Aug 1401
Modular Sandwich Panels of Raymon Group
This product is a sandwich panel partition system with intermediate aluminum profiles for connection, which is widely used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, aerospace and other industries. This system uses a simple and elegant sandwich structure, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. There are several connection styles for this partition system, which perfectly matches the Raymon Group doors and windows , and is suitable for a variety of cleanroom environments.
  • It can be disassembled and installed many times without damage.
  • It can be quickly installed and removed using simple tools.
  • Gaps between partition panels should be sealed with silicone to ensure air tightness.
  • Raymon Group offers a comprehensive door and window solution for the partition system.
  • Sandwich panels can be adapted to different installation frameworks.
  • A perfectly smooth connection can be achieved by using overlays.
With the industry's largest selection of modular cleanroom sandwich panel systems , Raymon Group can meet the requirements of almost any application in a fast and cost-effective manner. Our unique ability to mix and match components of our cleanroom product lines and office products allows us to be consistent in appearance, function and more.
At the heart of every cleanroom wall system is a modular sandwich panel with frame system. These systems not only provide structural integrity to the cleanroom or area, but also make the systems portable, attractive, and easy to use. With three unique systems, you can be sure that Raymon Group will have the right solution for your application.
A clean room is a special area restricted from external particles in conditions that can affect your research, such as pollutants, germs, dust, etc. It is primarily used for manufacturing, technology, military and scientific purposes where contamination can be harmful. Features such as high efficiency particulate air filter ( HEPA) that can trap pollutants. They also control humidity and environmental features of Modular Cleanroomsto control the cleanliness conditions.
You can spend money on a traditional cleanroom design for your facility, but a more manageable and cost-effective solution is possible. A modular cleanroom, also known as a soft wall cleanroom, is a great alternative. This type of zone has removable partitions, is mobile and light and has easy assembly options. Compact cleanrooms, ISO cleanroom standardssimilar to a hard wall clean room at a much lower cost.

In this article, we will tell you five advantages of using modular sandwich panels :

1. Versatility
Modular clean rooms can be assembled, disassembled or moved whenever needed due to having modular sandwich panels . As businesses begin to grow and change in the future, you can anticipate all of these factors.
It may grow in your business, but building a new and robust cleanroom every time you move is costly .You find versatility. You can also customize the cleanroom layout according to your institution's standards. Ensuring that these parts conform to Indian standards and have the right specifications is always essential.
2. Reconfiguration
Modular systems are relatively inexpensive to start with and you can change them to larger and smaller models or change entry points to suit your needs .lower and you will need to meet more exacting specifications in the future, making these changes will cost more. However, since turnkey cleanroom solutions are adaptable and can be reconfigured , changes in the position of panels and room doors are very easy and at a lower cost.
Modular sandwich panel
3. Cleanliness control
Understanding cleanroom procedures is important as it helps ensure that the area is truly tidy and that your experiment is less prone to contamination. Understanding the ISO classificationPlanning ahead for the cleanroom itself is essential, and if your classification level changes in the future, it will be easier to modify a modular cleanroom than a cleanroom.
Air samplers or settling plates can help you estimate the level of contamination in the chamber. A fume hood removes toxic fumes instantly. Similarly, HEPA filtersThey can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns.
. Cost
Designing a traditional cleanroom can cost approximately $1,500 per square foot. There are several factors why a traditional cleanroom is so expensive.
First, you need various expert architects to draw the plans and then build them according to the standards. Then, experts plan and implement individual ductwork for the room that manages airflow, doors, and windows. Time is money in a business and it takes months to create a permanent clean room.
The modular clean room provides customized hygiene conditions at a much lower cost. An average compact cleanroom can cost between $10,000 and $15,000, depending on conditions and control needs. In addition, industrial furniture, custom cabinets, desks, anti-static mats, electrical outlets and Other Clean room  accessories Determine  the exact cost.
5. Lead time
When creating a typical clean room, you need a detailed plan, budget and good timing. A clean room specialist company like Trio IndiaCan be a modular system according to ISOprovide in much less time. Developing modular cleanrooms for more complex rooms only takes a few days to a few weeks.
Especially during the whole COVID scenario, many companies have turned to the modular option. Just keep in mind all the factors that affect the installation time of a modular cleanroom.
 An important decision
The choice between modular cleanrooms and a more traditional structure should be decided based on needs, budget and installation timeline. The bottom line is that if you're on a tight budget or aware of future changes, a modular cleanroom is perfect for you. As a leading supplier of modular cleanroom systems,
Raymon Group offers high quality modular wall cleanrooms to meet the specific cleanroom needs of our customers. In addition to modular cleanrooms, we also offer wall-mounted pharmaceutical (or pharmaceutical) cleanroom systems for high-end cleanroom design and construction.
Our modular cleanrooms are designed and installed to meet the most stringent requirements of cleanroom operations and can meet EU and ISO standards .be verified as described for cleanroom performance.
Modular cleanroom walls are made up of factory prefabricated rigid walls that can be designed and assembled in combination with existing building walls to meet customers' exact specifications. These cleanrooms can be built and assembled in a fraction of the time required to build a conventional cleanroom, thereby reducing operational downtime. These modular hard wall cleanrooms are assembled by Raymon Group to meet cleanroom design and construction standards.

 The modular wall system consists of aluminum extrusions, composite panels and window glass using a patented locking system. These fully adjustable solutions have many applications such as complete cleanrooms, small environments and room-in-room units. As all customer requirements are custom, we design and build the solution according to the exact request defined by the customer.
 This allows our customer to have complete flexibility with a future proof system and all components are infinitely reusable. Subsequent changes and additions to the cleanroom structure or cleanroom layout can easily be made at any time in the future to ensure that the cleanroom remains up-to-date and can expand as customer needs change.
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