Participation and production support of Raymon Group

Participation and production support of Raymon Group

The production line of pharmaceutical companies
The steps of the pharmaceutical factory production line in the production department in the pharmaceutical unit are divided into a series of single operations such as spreading, granulation, coating, tablet pressing, blistering, mixing, filling, etc. In the last decade, the sanctions imposed on our dear country Iran have made the conditions extremely difficult for the producers, and instead of focusing on the quality of the products, the production companies have to deal with various problems such as: providing financial resources against the drop The value of the national currency, the supply of raw materials, the import of equipment and machinery, and problems of this kind.

Participation and production support 1

Raymon Group will not be your contractor but your partner:
Raymon Group believes that executive projects should reach production and if the interests of customers and production companies are not provided, simply providing a series of services will not be useful. As it is clear from the list of services of Raymon Group, we will be with you from the stage of creating an idea in your mind and based on the experience of several decades of activity in various manufacturing companies, we will depict the most suitable way of working for you to avoid the risk of failure. Minimize from the stage of initial feasibility studies to the stage of production and operation of your factory. Raymon Group has attractive investment and support models for its stakeholders, business partners and customers. In this way, the requesting companies can receive financial services, investment and support facilities if they have executive projects from Raymon Group and the funds of the contracting party with Raymon Group. Obviously, these resources are limited and according to the type of project and the conditions of the project, it will be reviewed by the group of investors and the board of directors of Raymon Group and paid according to the following conditions:

Conditions of applicant companies:
The field of activity of the company should be in the field of production of health products. The requesting company must inject 40% of the investment volume into the project. The company must be 100% private and government and private organizations cannot use this facility. Having the necessary guarantees, either real estate or bank guarantees.

Participation and production support 2

Facility conditions:
1. Facilities are granted to private companies in the field of health-oriented product production. Facilities are granted to companies in the form of the following items.
Design and implementation of civil and construction operations
Design and implementation of production lines including cleanrooms of production lines
Design and manufacture of production process equipment and machines and facilities
2. The facilities should only be used for item 2.

Financial resources of financial facilities:
All the resources of this facility are provided through the partners of Raymon Group which are mentioned below:

1. Board of Investors of Raymon Group.
3. Investment funds of Raymon Group.
4. Banks that are parties to the contract of Raymon Group.

Participation and production support 3

Facility rates and financial resources:
The approved facility rate ranges from 11 to 24 percent and depends on the type of design and product.
The repayment period of the plan is usually between 1 month and 36 months.
The breathing period of the plan is usually between 1 and 24 months.

The process of receiving financial resources and facilities:
In fact, this type of service is designed by the investment team of Raymon Group so that the client's imagination is comfortable about the implementation of zero to one hundred projects:

1. Send a written request and send it through the website www.raymontech.com.
2. Sending explanatory plan and business plan and map of executive plans including Conceptual Design, Basic Design, Detail Design.
3. Approval and submission by the board of directors and technical commission of Raymon Group.
4. Sending the plan to the funds of the contracting party of Raymon Group and obtaining approval.
5. Communicating the facility conditions and repayment schedules to the requesting company.
6. Approval and injection of capital and required financial resources.


General SOP:
SOP entry/exit procedure of the production area
Cleaning, mopping and fumigating the SOP of the aseptic area
Air flow pattern under LFA in aseptic processing SOP
Drain cleaning at production site SOP
Filling BMR SOP documents
Preparation of SOP disinfectant solution
Product change in SOP process
Material transfer through the SOP valve
SOP for material handling in process
Measuring temperature and relative humidity SOP
Issuance and coding of SOP packaging parts
Storage and handling of finished product SOP
Storage and management of product SOP in process
SOP of water treatment plant
Tests for new products SOP
SOP identification and tracking
Assign production, expiration dates to SOP categories
Weighing scale SOP approval
Maintain SOP device usage log
Cleaning equipment and accessories in the SOP production area
Movement of controlled items in the SOP production area
Receiving the batch for packaging from the production unit
Packaging a product in the SOP packaging line
Tablet and capsule packaging in the SOP packaging department
Assigning work to different workers in the SOP packaging line
Batch stamp preparation SOP
Maintaining sample SOP of finished goods
SOP for transportation of returned goods
Destruction of expired and rejected materials SOP
Wash/sterilize seals, gowns, dusters and surgical gloves SOP
The purpose of the sterile dressing and undressing area:
Area preparation prior to prolonged shutdown SOP
Entering the SOP of the aseptic area
Method of entry of materials that cannot be sterilized by steam or dry heat sterilizer SOP
SOP of production process
Disinfectant solution preparation SOP
Production Machinery
Capsule polishing machine
Manual capsule filling machine
Semi-automatic capsule filling machine
Automatic capsule filling machine
Edible liquid
Cream / Ointment SOP water treatment plant
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