Raymon group portable clean room

Raymon group portable clean room

What is a portable clean room?

The portable cleanroom is a compact system that requires little space, provides mobility, is cost-effective and provides exceptional clean and filtered air flow to create a contamination-free and disinfected environment. They are a modular design chamber where airborne particles such as dust, microbes, aerosol particles and various forms of chemical vapors are contained and controlled to meet required limits.

As with all cleanrooms, the most important elements are high efficiency HEPA particulate air filters that trap particles of 0.3 microns, which is one micrometer which is one millionth of a meter. HEPA filters ensure that all air is cleaned and disinfected so that the portable cleanroom is free of contamination or germs.
Where there are higher airflow requirements, ULPA ultra-low particulate air filters are used, which remove sub-micron particles with a diameter of 0.12 µm. Although ULPA filtersSame performance as HEPA filtersbut they are more efficient in removing pollutants.

Types of portable clean rooms

The main distinction between portable cleanrooms is the type of walls they have, with rigid solid walls in one category and soft plastic walls in the other. Another way to classify cleanrooms is by their function, from cleanrooms for patient diagnosis to methods for chemical and medical testing and research.

Additionally, portable cleanrooms can be classified based on size, portability, indoor or outdoor use, and ISO classification.or Federal Standard 209 EThey split. As with all cleanrooms, portable rooms are specifically designed to precisely match the needs and requirements of an application.

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Types of portable clean rooms

Soft wall portable cleaning rooms

Soft wall cleanrooms are a flexible, mobile, efficient and cost effective way to create a controlled clean air environment quickly and easily. They are designed to turn any space into a high performance clean room regardless of location. Although they are referred to as soft wall clean rooms, soft wall clean rooms are just as strong, durable and flexible as traditional clean rooms.

Various soft wall cleanroom frames are available in lightweight aluminum, stainless steel or heavier steel. The frame is treated with baked powder on the coating, which prevents corrosion and contamination of the surrounding environment.

Like all cleanrooms, portable soft wall cleanrooms are equipped with HEPA fan filtration units that ensure the portable cleanroom meets the stringent ISO 4 classification standards.Up to ISO 8complies with Many soft wall clean rooms with LED lighting panelsPopular offers that provide cost savings and long-term efficient performance.
Portable wall mounted clean rooms
Portable hard wall cleanrooms have the same flexibility and quality performance as soft wall cleanrooms. The main difference is the strength, durability and texture of the wall system, which is made of various forms of strong materials, including clear plastic.

Portable rigid-wall cleanrooms are less of a substitute for hard-wall cleanrooms and a step up from soft-wall cleanrooms. Although non-porous rigid portable cleanroom panels are strong, robust and flexible, they can be easily disassembled and reassembled economically and efficiently. Users can adjust the size of the clean room depending on their needs and changes in their business demands.

Because rigid-wall portable cleanrooms are not permanent structures, unlike permanently constructed cleanrooms that depreciate over 39 years, they can be depreciated as an expense over seven years. ISO Classified Rigid Wall Portable CleanroomsFrom ISO 4Up to ISO 8are, but are a cheaper solution to meet these classifications.

Like all cleanrooms, rigid wall portable cleanrooms have an air flow fan filter unit equipped with a HEPA filtration system.are that their cleanliness to comply with ISO standardsGuarantees. Wall panels are finished with white baked enamel to seal and prevent contamination.

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Hardwall portable clean room

Biological clean rooms
Biocleanrooms are semi-rigid cleanrooms designed to meet the medical industry's microbial contamination and particulate requirements in the electronics, aerospace and high-tech markets. As with all types of modular and portable cleanrooms, biocleanrooms are easily expandable to meet the changing needs and requirements of the medical and technical industries.

The prefabricated design allows for quick, efficient and easy installation without major changes to the existing location. As with all types of portable and modular cleanrooms, biocleanrooms can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the customer's business and needs.

Medical examination sheath isolated
A unique form of portable and flexible clean room from the COVID-19 pandemichas grown, is an isolated medical examination pod that allows workers and patients to be tested and examined to prevent others from being exposed to potentially dangerous and unsafe conditions. They have seamless flooring for proper home cleaning and surface disinfection.

Like larger clean rooms, isolated medical examination pods have air conditioning systems with HEPA filtersand overhead lighting are sufficient for elimination. The size and compactness of the pods make them easy to install. They have independent electrical systems and condenser units.

Isolation medical examination pods are sometimes referred to as alternative care facilities for infection control. Although their primary use has been in response to the Covid pandemic, they are also used in industrial operations for employees who become ill or injured on the job.

How are portable clean rooms made?

The controlled environment of the clean room is an essential component for the development, testing and research of various types of technical equipment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and materials that may be sensitive to pollutants and other forms of particles. Due to the critical nature of a cleanroom's work, their construction requires great attention to detail.

Portable cleanrooms have become very popular due to their convenience, mobility and exceptional construction. Cleanroom manufacturers work closely with their customers regarding the maintenance of their products. Each stage of assembly and installation of a portable clean room is monitored to optimize the use of the portable clean room.

Construction of portable clean rooms

Rating and classification of clean room
The desired grading and classification for the clean room is one of the factors that must be determined before its assembly and construction. Cleanrooms are rated and classified based on the number and size of suspended particles allowed in each volume of air. Businesses and companies that purchase cleanrooms are well aware of the standards and performance requirements of their cleanroom. ISO classificationIt is listed on the left. As can be seen in the diagram, the particle standards are the same but the numbering system is different.

Panel designs
Each type of portable clean room has different types of panel designs that can be soft or hard depending on the application needs and the materials being tested or researched. Another change is the material used to make the panels.

Portable clean room floor
Flooring is just as important as walls and ceilings because it must meet the same standards of cleanliness. Portable cleanroom floors are raised and made of vinyl, rubber or seamless perforated material. The floor should be easy to clean, non-porous and disinfected. Types and standards of flooring by ISO classificationThe requirement is determined for the portable clean room.

Portable electricity
Portable cleanrooms are fully wired to eliminate the need for an electrician during assembly. Once all the components are assembled, the electrical system is designed so that it simply needs to be plugged into the site's power supply.

Electrical systems for portable cleanrooms are typically 3-phase 600/480 voltage systems for HVAC systems.and ventilation. As a safety measure and for backup, a generator can be added to the system to provide power in the event of a power failure. If the portable clean room works without any kind of delay, it can be powered from the UPS emergency power supplyalso used
Soft wall panels: Soft wall panels are used in different ways such as internal dividers and flexible panels for exiting and entering the clean room. They act as an excellent barrier against the outside environment as they create a small opening. of softwall panels to create a fully portable clean room with ISO 7 classificationor 8 is used.

Rigid Clean Panel: Rigid clear panel portable cleanrooms have the durability of hard wall cleanrooms and the affordability of soft wall cleanrooms. They have the same flexibility as soft wall cleanrooms and can be easily relocated if needed. They have ISO classificationFrom ISO 5Up to ISO 8are made of PVCThey are made of acrylic or antistatic.

The transparent wall design makes it easy to observe the cleanroom activities because the PVC panelsThey are transparent like glass. Rigid wall panels allow the cleanroom to operate at a higher internal pressure, which is regulated by variable wall dampers that regulate airflow to the outside of the room.

Portable clean room floor
Flooring is just as important as walls and ceilings because it must meet the same standards of cleanliness. Portable cleanroom floors are raised and made of vinyl, rubber or seamless perforated material. The floor should be easy to clean, non-porous and disinfected. Types and standards of flooring by ISO classificationThe requirement is determined for the portable clean room.

Portable cleanroom or mobile cleanroom are implemented in two ways : softwall portable cleanroom or hard wall portable cleanroom . Portable cleanrooms can be made up of different methods such as isolated environment or insulator, air curtains or light and heavy wall material. Portable cleanrooms can be designed, built and implemented in various sizes and classes. The portable clean room is very flexible and its usage can be changed with minimal cost even after construction.
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