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History of pharmaceutical industry in Iran:
Traditional medicine has been prevalent in Iran for centuries. But what is called the modern pharmaceutical industry using new technologies should be sought in the activities of Dr. Obedi. Dr. Obedi, who is known as the father of Iranian pharmaceuticals, founded the first Iranian pharmaceutical factory in 1325.

Increase of pharmaceutical companies in Iran:
After the establishment of the first pharmaceutical factory in Iran, many multinational companies entered this market and expanded the pharmaceutical industry in Iran. With the occurrence of the Islamic revolution and the withdrawal of multinational companies from Iran, many drug manufacturing companies in Iran were handed over to the government.

Forming a group of pharmaceutical materials and products in the capital market:
After the revolution and with self-sufficiency policies in the field of pharmaceuticals, various companies were established in this field, and also the drug manufacturing companies that were already operating were updated. Therefore, with the investments made in the pharmaceutical industry by the public and private sectors, drug manufacturing factories expanded day by day, and on the other hand, the owners of these industries sought to operate in a transparent and professional market, which according to the platforms The good that was intended for companies in the capital market led these industries to be accepted in the capital market; For this reason, a group called "Pharmaceutical Materials and Products Group" was formed in the capital market. Currently, various companies are operating in this group and according to its market value, it is known as a medium group.
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Pharmaceuticals in the world:
The importance of healthcare in today's world is not hidden from anyone, and governments have always sought to expand the healthcare network in their country. One of the examples of progress in the field of health is the drug production industry, which separates the leading countries from the others, and in addition to providing the necessary drugs for their health and treatment systems, it also provides the possibility of exporting to other countries and causes the economic growth of the mentioned countries. will be The importance of this matter has gone so far that the public and private sectors have made large investments in this area. In Iran, following the example of technology-rich countries, numerous pharmaceutical companies have emerged, and this has led to the formation of a group of pharmaceutical materials and products in the capital market; which we will examine further.

Advice on pharmaceutical and health investment:
Investing in the pharmaceutical sector requires having appropriate technical, market and financial knowledge at the domestic and international levels. Fluctuations in the currency market and problems resulting from sanctions have created many problems in the field of large investments in the country. But the drug market is considered one of the successful industries in the world market due to the support of the government and people's dependence on treatment. Investing in the health and medicine sector requires having sufficient information about the products in the market and also predicting the future state of the market.

Evaluation and feasibility of pharmaceutical investment projects:
Raimon Group's expert evaluation and feasibility team, having enough experience from the idea stage to the market stage, guides the investors in a specific path to get closer to their goals step by step and reach exploitation.

Coverage of investment risks by Raymon Group:
Raymon Group is the best consultant for controlling and monitoring financial risks, technical risks, market risks and technology, with its expert project control and planning team in the field of risk coverage.

International evaluation and feasibility:
For product launch and development as well as investment in a product portfolio, only internal information is not enough, access to international databases is one of the things that must be effective in successful investment in medicine. As described in the introduction of Raimon Group, Barsam Padideh Raimon Company is the exclusive representative of R.K ENGINEERING in Iran, which has successful projects in various fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical equipment, cosmetics and plants all over the world. Pharmaceuticals, livestock products and related products of these industries are active. Therefore, access to international databases about successful projects and the transfer of special technologies and the use of LVHV or low volume high value methods for a cost-effective production with high added value is expected in the new era from a capital. He intended to make a successful investment.

Full knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry:
Knowing all aspects of investment in the Iranian and international pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important tasks that a consulting team should develop for its investors. Before implementing any decision, it is mandatory to get advice from experts in any specialized field for any plan or project. Maybe the world of industry and economy seems to be somewhat cruel because considering the economic problems in different countries, especially the third world countries, mistakes and errors can cost the investor a high price. Therefore, market knowledge, technical knowledge, financial knowledge, all of There are cases that will bring an investment project in the health and pharmaceutical industry closer to the desired result.

Predefined products and packages and baskets of Raymon Group for production:
Raymon Group, having specialized information in the field of sales and marketing in the field of pharmaceuticals and health care, we offer you the best products for production, and also having experience in the field of construction and production challenges, we offer you the shortest and most economical methods. We will advise you and from the time of the decision to invest and build the factory until the stage when the products of your production lines are being offered in the market.We will be by your side. According to several years of experience in the field of production, the internal and external economic consultants of Raimon Group have designed predefined product baskets to produce innovative and knowledge-based products in the field of pharmaceuticals, which resulted in various predefined product baskets and packages. It is designed and implemented in accordance with the investment volume of the investors in the health and pharmaceutical industry and in accordance with the conditions of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore, before any action, investors can observe the innovative pharmaceutical products, technology and various product portfolios like an exhibition and make the best decision to enter the market according to their investment volume.
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The least expensive type of investment in the health and pharmaceutical industry:
Entering investment in pharmaceuticals will not necessarily be possible with heavy cash income. According to the statement of the head of the Food and Drug Organization: half of the country's pharmaceutical capacity is empty due to the country's equipment and facilities, which makes us lose the opportunity to compete in the global markets in the field of exports. So maybe one of the best options to enter health and medicine investment is contract manufacturing. Although this type of investment will have different risks, but it is one of the least expensive types of investment.

Evaluation and feasibility of international pharmaceutical markets:
According to the investigations of the economic group and the assessment unit of the Raymon group, the pharmaceutical industry has always been attractive for investment as a progressive and profitable industry. : The non-development of pharmaceutical companies in the country is due to the lack of conceptual and practical policies. Unfortunately, these companies work only with the domestic market in mind, and because the domestic markets are concentrated, they face a lack of development. As mentioned, due to the fact that Raymon Group is the exclusive representative of R.K ENGINEERING in Iran, it knows the access to information sources and export markets in the country and provides the basis for guaranteeing the domestic market and developing export markets in this field.

The role of research and development of innovative products in the pharmaceutical and health industry by Raimon Economic Group:
According to the economic team of Raymon Group, another reason for the lack of development of the country's pharmaceutical industry is the lack of acceptance of research and development as the driving force of the industry and its promotion. Every pharmaceutical company has a research and development unit, but unfortunately, this unit is not very common in pharmaceutical companies It has not been given importance, and one of the reasons for that is the lack of correct and comprehensive definition of the relationships between academic centers and this industry. The complexity and high technical knowledge in the pharmaceutical sector has caused investors in the world to pay less attention to this field. The investment situation in the field of medicine in the Iranian Stock Exchange is not bad, despite the fact that the drug pricing by the Food and Drug Organization has not been done in the last five years and they have not given a new price, but the activity in this field is good. He described the state of pharmaceutical technology in Iran as good and said: There is no drug that is not produced in the country within a year, and in the Corona sector, new drugs were produced and distributed in less than a year. During the corona era, big companies in the world entered this field and were able to provide medicines and accessories to deal with this disease and showed themselves in this industry.

Pharmaceutical production line setup costs:
With several years of experience in the field of business and various specialties in the field of pharmaceuticals and related industries, Raimon Group can be a good consultant for companies that intend to create or develop infrastructure.
Accurate identification of required costs and having sufficient experience in identifying the main costs is one of the most important analysis of an economic project in the health and pharmaceutical industry. In the investigations carried out by the specialized feasibility and evaluation team of Raymon Group, among the notable costs, a large percentage of the investment volume in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medicinal plants, herbal medicines, medical equipment and other industries is due to it. can be defined as follows:

Costs including:

Technical knowledge and technology
Pre-operational costs
Land costs
Civil construction costs
Production line equipment and machinery
Laboratory equipment and machinery
Working capital and raw materials
Cleanroom construction
specialized human power
and other costs that are evaluated in the draft business plans

Final word:

Raymon Group has always been trying to provide the best and most complete services in various fields of the health industry with international quality to its beneficiaries. Raymon Group does not consider itself separate from investors, beneficiaries and investors, and makes its maximum efforts to share the benefits and maximum utilization of all its services by its customers, and from the first step in the effort to step by step, it works with its beneficiaries. do duty
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