Raymon Group Modular Cleanroom

Raymon Group Modular Cleanroom
Modular cleanrooms are often used in manufacturing and research processes, but thanks to their versatility and ease of installation, they are being used every day in new industries. Any industry or application where small particles) negatively affect production processes, can take advantage of the modular clean room .

By definition, a clean room is a controlled environment with low levels of contaminants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors. Strictly speaking, a cleanroom maintains a controlled level of contamination, defined by both particles per cubic foot and allowable particle size.

Modular cleanrooms are used in critical clean processes in several markets, including:
  • Semiconductor production
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Production of biotechnology and medical equipment
  • Military and aerospace
  • Production of optical components
  • automobile manufacturing
  • Hospital clinics
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Production of cosmetics
  • and countless other things

Many existing cleanrooms are of permanent construction. But today, many cleanroom users are looking for a solution that is more flexible than a standard cleanroom.

Modular clean room
Advantages of modular clean room
  • Perhaps the greatest advantage of modular cleanrooms is that they can be modified or even relocated with minimal cost and downtime. Many prefabricated modular cleanrooms are almost 100% reusable.
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  • In general, modular cleanrooms are much less expensive than standard construction and can be installed in only a fraction of the time.
  • Many prefabricated clean rooms are factory-built, with pathways designed into the walls for electrical and telephone cables as well as water pipes. The creation of these routes prevents further destruction, minimizes the construction time and disruption to the facilities.
  • Many modular clean rooms have thermal insulation in the body of the walls. This system improves the efficiency and performance of the mechanical system of the clean room. This reduces energy costs and maintains temperature levels far better than uninsulated systems.
  • Depending on the level of classification or function of the cleanroom, it is possible for personnel to enter and exit through anterooms(anteroom)Or changing rooms(Changing Room)be required Many modular clean rooms can be built with facilities for these rooms to reduce environmental contamination. Interlocks, air showers, and postboxes can be integrated to safely move personnel, products, and materials into and out of the cleanroom without the risk of contamination.

Modular cleanroom systems are flexible and cost-effective: Modular cleanroom

systems are very flexible because they are made of hard or soft panels with a hard top. Soft panel clean rooms with walls made of PVCThey are transparent and have a small opening to enter and exit the area. Rigid wall cleanroom systems consist of prefabricated panels that are joined together to create a square or rectangular room. This style of prefab cleanroom is fully enclosed and can be installed with doors, windows, and transition vents like a permanent cleanroom.

Modular clinic room
Some of the advantages of modular cleanroom systems over permanent cleanrooms are:

Versatility: Modular cleanrooms can be easily assembled and disassembled, and relocated within days.
Reconfigurable: A modular cleanroom layout can be reconfigured, expanded, retrofitted, and/or upgraded as the user's cleanroom needs change.
Cost-Effective and Time-Saving: Modular cleanrooms are designed and manufactured at a fraction of the cost of building a permanent off-site cleanroom and installed on-site in less time.
Reduced downtime: A modular cleanroom installation causes far less disruption to daily operations, allowing many users to keep some or all of their processes active during the start-up process.
Rental: If you rent your space, the modular option allows you to remove the cleanroom you need and take it with you when you move.

Modular clean room systems
The modular clean room is an easy solution to achieve a controlled environment in terms of environmental conditions. From semiconductors to medical devices, manufacturers and researchers in all markets can use modular cleanrooms to establish and maintain clean standards.

Hardwall modular clean rooms
Designed for flexibility, hard wall modular cleanrooms are easy to assemble and move. If you need to build a clean room quickly or expand it in the future, modular clean rooms will meet your needs. We equip all modular cleanroom systems with windows, doors, electrical outlets and full insulation for temperature control.

Clean room 3

Clean rooms and softwall curtain dividers
Softwall cleanrooms work well in existing controlled environments that may require increased airflow or increased clean points. Some softwall cleanrooms have the ability to be moved on wheels and can be easily moved around your place for use in different areas. Softwall modular clean rooms with HEPA filtersand air conditioning, to reach ISO 5 levelThey can be designed. Silicone curtains can be used instead of doors or to divide the space of the clean room or to direct the air flow to more difficult areas.

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With many years of experience in the field of design and construction of clean rooms, in addition to the production line of modular panels, Bersam company has now launched the design and construction unit of modular clean rooms with the cooperation of a group of engineers and experts in the field of clean rooms. Is. If you need any advice or get more information, you can contact Raymon Group .
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